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IKASI brings affordable Safety for your Family – sign up today for the most affordable security offering in Soweto.


What makes the Ikasi Initiative special?

We work with youth entrepreneurs to bring affordable Security to your home, business or school, ensuring that through working in partnership we make Soweto a safer place.

Our Products

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Casi App

CASI Mobile Panic Application

  • CASI is the country’s first mobile panic button and country-wide coverage where you can panic from your phone and get a 24x7 medical and security response
  • Alerter - Once activated the CASI app broadcasts your location to all the nearest responding partners as well as our 24 hour Command Centre that can track you in real time and assist the responder by providing them with all the required information.
  • Armed Responder -Our armed responders will be notified of nearby emergencies as well as be navigated to the location of the smartphone that has activated the panic. On arrival the completion will be validated with a unique code.
  • Access to over 150 trained armed responders anytime, anywhere.
Memeza Alarm

MEMEZA Community Alarm System

Memeza has a innovative product, developed working in partnership with Government and Private sector to address the challenges of safety of the most vulnerable people in society.


  • An easy-to-use- Community alarm system that is your voice in time of emergency
  • At a press of a button you have a direct link to a 24x 7 private response and your neighbors/family and friends
  • Links with your closest Community Policing Forum and SAPS
  • Includes installed Alarm system, Remote control and Siren

Costing and Package

  1. R259 per month on a 12 month contract.
    Included in the package is:
    1. 1 Memeza Community Alarm System, with siren and remote
    2. 24 x7 Armed Private Security Response
    3. 1 Free CASI Mobile Panic Application with 24 x 7 Private Security Response (downloadable on your phone and used when traveling)
  2. Only pay a once off R350 once off at time of installation
  3. Perfect for any home, business, schools, churches

Through working in partnership,

We make Soweto a safer place.

Our Partners

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